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HEY PARENTS! 5 Tips for Co-Regulation

Coregulation is like a dance between parents and kids, where we work together to create a positive emotional vibe. As parents, we lead by example, showing our little ones how to handle feelings and challenges with grace. At the same time, our kids join in, expressing themselves and learning to manage their emotions with our support. It’s a teamwork approach to building strong connections and helping our children grow into emotionally resilient individuals.


I’m Kelsey

Hi! I’m honestly elated you’re here. I’ve spent over a decade as a school psychologist, working with children and their educators to provide a nurturing learning environment. With the addition of my two boys, I’ve been navigating the seemingly intricate world of parenting.

Having worked closely with various related services providers, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the diverse needs of children. My journey as a mom and a professional is a continuous quest for resources that enhance my children’s development and help guide my parenting. Here’s to celebrating and supporting neurodiversity, healing our inner child, and connecting with others in a real way.  


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